5 Fast Facts (TL;DR)

  1. I have a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Baylor University.
  2. I was a political journalist in Washington, D.C. where I wrote articles about everything from power players on Capitol Hill to the birth of cheetah cubs.
  3. I am an adjunct professor at Boise State University for the Communication Department where I teach about social media, writing, and crisis communication.
  4. I’ve created content and marketing assets for nationwide brands, political candidates, and small businesses.
  5. I’m ready to help you develop your brand and grow your business!

Brianna McClane Griff, Freelance Marketing Consultant

Hi there! I’m Brianna McClane Griff and I am a freelance marketing specialist.

I’ve loved the written word as long as I can remember. In fact, you can find Lisa Frank spiral notebooks on my bookshelf, filled with the scrawlings of an imaginative 8-year-old Brianna.

I don’t write about princesses and castles anymore, but the love of writing never left.

This love led me to earn my bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Baylor University. This native Texan made her way north to Northwestern University where I received my master’s degree in journalism.

In fact, you could say that love has taken me all over the country.

The love of journalism led me to Washington, D.C., where I was a political journalist before switching over to the much less hectic world of marketing. From there I found myself in content marketing, launching a website for the National Hardware Show.

No career in our nation’s capital would be complete without at least working on one political campaign! I worked on six different ones, from presidential to senatorial.

It was love that eventually led to me moving all the way to the other coast (some would even say the best coast?) when I met my husband who is originally from Idaho.

We settled down in Boise where I created websites, content, blogs, social media and email campaigns for a real estate team, pet company, and Boise State University.

I realized that my expansive knowledge of writing and marketing could be used for another passion of mine: helping small businesses succeed.

That’s how you probably ended up here—hoping I can help you. (Hint: I can!)

My husband and I have one little boy who lights up our life. And two cats who also add a bit of joy.

If I’m not tapping away on my laptop, then you’ll find me reading a good book, reviewing said book on Goodreads, exploring the beautiful Gem State or riding bikes with the family.