Crisis Management 3.0: Honesty Really Is the Best Policy

A Russian hacker, a rogue employee, the “currency of the future,” and almost a quarter of a million dollars stolen from a thriving start-up – is this the plot of the next James Bond movie? This story won’t be coming to a theater near you any time soon. Instead, it’s a lesson in crisis management and trusting in the empowered and connected customer.

4 Startups that Know the Power of User-Generated Content

In a world where 92 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising content, user-generated content (UGC) is playing a leading role in the evolution of marketing.

4 Ways to Encourage Change Across an Organization

It can be difficult to champion out-of-the-box ideas to people who don’t share your vision. Recently, I sat down with four Change Agents in the marketing industry to discuss how they drive new methods and ideas. 

Yahoo’s Leo Polanowski on Personalization in Mobile Advertising

With more consumers choosing their mobile over their desktop daily, brands find themselves striving to create an engaging, personalized experience for the small screen.

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