Women Behind the Candidates

Political consultants Kellyanne Conway and Anna Greenberg were making small talk before a National Journal panel on politics this month when they realized they were going head-to-head in two different high-profile congressional races involving female candidates.

Guardian of America’s Heirlooms

Is Kelly Maltagliati the National Archives’ version of Nicolas Cage? Sure, she hasn’t stolen the Declaration of Independence to marinate it in lemon juice, but she does track down wrongdoers in order to protect the country’s history. This is no National Treasure, but as special agent in charge of the Archival Recovery Team, Maltagliati’s job is to track down items stolen from the national treasure chest.

A Very Special Delivery

Copper Aitken-Palmer was only a month into her new job when she made the front page of The Washington Post. After performing an emergency cesarean section on a cheetah, Aitken-Palmer delivered the two baby cheetahs featured in a Page One photo on May 23.

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