Welcome to the portfolio of published news articles by Brianna McClane Griff.

Here you will find a selection of my published articles that span a wide spectrum of topics, from investigative pieces that delve into the heart of important issues to feature articles that provide a glimpse into the lives of individuals. As a journalist, I believe in the power of words to shed light on the complex narratives that shape our world. I am passionate about delivering accurate, well-researched and thought-provoking content that resonates with readers.

The articles below are examples of work I have published for Chron.com, the Houston Business Journal, PBS Kids for Parents and the National Journal.

Meet Live Nation’s senior talent buyer, the man who brings your favorite bands to Houston
Houston Business Journal • July 28, 2023
Phil Kosch probably has your dream job. As the senior talent buyer for Live Nation, it’s his responsibility to bring live entertainment to Houston, from Dave Chapelle to Blippi to Incubus. 

Remember the Astrodome?
Houston Business Journal • June 30, 2023
Some say it’s an eyesore and that it should be demolished, while others call it a landmark and campaign for it to be saved. It’s large, controversial, confusing and empty — it’s the Astrodome.

How Rapper Bun B’s concept quickly became the hottest burger joint in town
Houston Business Journal • July 14, 2023
It’s been a little more than a month since Trill Burgers opened its doors, but it’s already become a common sight: customers seeking shelter under white canopies outside a bright yellow building as they patiently wait to enter the restaurant.

A Houston man’s body was found in a car at police impound. What happened?
Houston Chronicle, Chron.com • February 10, 2023
This story begins with concerned neighbors and ends with a man found dead in the trunk of his car five days later at a Houston Police Department impound lot.

Why Houston homebuyers shouldn’t be scared of high-interest rates
Houston Chronicle, Chron.com • January 24, 2023
The real estate landscape has been one of upheaval since the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. Suddenly, sellers found themselves with open houses outlawed and moving plans halted as the world teetered on the edge of uncertainty.

The invention of Joel Osteen: How a Houston boy became the world’s pastor
Houston Chronicle, Chron.com • October 9, 2022
Joel Osteen is wearing a new suit.
“I want to talk to you a little this morning—not long—about running your race with purpose in every step,” Joel says. He nervously arranges several pages of notes alongside his Bible on the pulpit at Houston’s Lakewood Church. He stumbles over words.

Did Chip and Joanna Gaines’ ‘Fixer Upper’ break Waco?
Houston Chronicle, Chron.com • August 8, 2022
It was David Koresh who first introduced television audiences to Waco as news cameras captured smoke pouring from the cult leader’s compound located outside of the Texas town. Viewers watched Federal agents breach the burning building decked in full SWAT gear with rifles, as cult members slowly emerged from the flames.

Why Evangelical women are questioning the church—and their faith
Houston Chronicle, Chron.com • March 22, 2022
Katy resident Bethany Dufilho and her husband, Paul, began having reservations about their church after witnessing the evangelical support of Donald Trump during the 2016 election. “I just knew that the way [Trump] was acting and the words he was using was antithetical to what I had grown up learning about Jesus and the gospel,” says Dufilho, a writer for Houston Moms.

Encouraging Your Child to Write Creatively
PBS Kids for Parents • February 8, 2022
Is it important for kids to learn to write and construct a story? Deb Pruett, a Kindergarten teacher at Naylor Elementary in Naylor, Mo., says yes.

How to Create a “Quiet Time” Routine
PBS Kids for Parents • May 20, 2021
I watched the video monitor with a mixture of hope and dread, muttering, “Please sleep, please sleep” under my breath.

Parenting During Coronavirus: Surviving, Not Thriving
PBS Kids for Parents • March 11, 2021
Google “parenting” and “pandemic” and you’ll find plenty of articles detailing how hard life has been for parents in the past year. These articles explain how moms carry the load of our society with no help in sight. Those same articles boast about the resilience of parents and our mastery of multitasking.

Australian Paralympics swimmer Annabelle Williams Dives Into Washington
National Journal • November 17, 2012
Australian swimmer Annabelle Williams stood poised on the pool’s edge as her teammate raced toward her in the water.

Helium Shortage Has Balloon Sales Dropping Like It’s the End of a Political Convention
National Journal • August 31, 2012
The balloon industry is in a down cycle these days due to a shortage of the gas that makes balloons go up, helium.

A Very Special Delivery
National Journal • June 12, 2012
Copper Aitken-Palmer was only a month into her new job when she made the front page of The Washington Post.